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         I came bounding up to the newcomers. Maybe they were new friends! I skidded to a halt beside Colorado and pounded my bushed out tail on the ground excitedly. "Hello!" I blurted out.
         Colorado put her tail on my shoulder. "Where is Clay?" She asked.
         "He's busy. He told me to tell him what was going on when I got back.
         Colorado dipped her head in understanding, then turned back to the newcomers. She stood up, and bushed out her tail threateningly. Apparently these were not friends. I stood and hissed at them. I heard the almost silent sound of Drake closing in. Colorado looked up and nodded slightly. I glanced up too. He had started a dive, or what he calls a 'bombing'. I turned back to the newcomers. They were all skeletons, most likely from AUs. I took a small step back and bumped into something furry. I looked behind me and there he was, the birdcat we were waiting for. I decided to save questions until later, though.
         All the skeletons jumped back as Drake 'bombed' them. He swooped in, grabbed at them, and took off again holding a squirming skeleton. They rose higher and higher, until they could be seen no more.
         "So," Colorado broke the silence, "what are you doing here?"
         A black skeleton with oozing tentacles stepped forward a bit. "We have come to make offer." His voice unnerved me, and I recoiled a bit. Colorado relaxed, but only enough that her fur lay a bit flatter. "What kind of offer?" She asked.
         The black skeleton smiled. "We know your...situation." He said slowly.
         Colorado's fur stood on end. "I don't know what you're talking about. We are perfectly fine here. I advise you to leave." Suddenly, a yell became audible, though the skeletons did not hear it until several moments later. The yell times. Then a skeleton appeared falling from the sky, Drake flying beside them. There was a thud and a crack, and then the yell became higher pitched and more painful. Drake lowered himself and grabbed the skeleton. He flew him over to Colorado.
         "What do I do with him?" He asked. Colorado looked at him. "Keep him in death's reach." She answered coolly. She turned back to the skeletons. "L E A V E. Or I will you bombed." She gestured with her tail to the broken skeleton moaning on the grass.
         "We are strong." The black skeleton said. "We can protect you from them. The AU guardians. We know, COLORADO." Colorado seemed frightened by this. I looked over to see Carver and Jax sitting in the tall grass beside the skeletons, waiting for Colorado's command.
         Colorado looked at me. "Go get Clay." She said. I knew that if she bothered to try and have Clay come, it must be important. So I nodded and set off, flapping my tiny wings and leaping a bit every so often.


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Submitted on
February 9