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WhyfTale | Chapter Twelve | Shadow :iconjellycatwarrior:JellyCatWarrior 0 0
Mature content
WhyfTale | Chapter Eleven | Clay :iconjellycatwarrior:JellyCatWarrior 0 0
WhyfTale | Chapter Ten | Shadow
Chapter Ten: Shadow
         My paws hurt from all the activity from the past few days. Cross was silent most of the way, but I could tell he kept looking at me. When we came to a thorn patch with no way around, I started to wriggle under. Cross grabbed me and pulled me back out, and I hissed. "I've got a better way," he said. I rolled my eyes, but he summoned this huge knife and cut right through the thorns. I squealed and jumped back. He then rolled his eyes and kept walking. I padded after him. I could smell Wing, so I started off at a sprint, leaving Cross behind. I dove into a small hollow and there he was, eating a mouse.
         Both his wings were gone. On one shoulder, you couldn't tell he ever had a wing there, but on his other, there was a short, feathery, bloody stub that had partially scabbed up. I ran over to him, and he licked my ears. I licked his little stub, cleaning some of the dried blood off. He looked at me. "Wher
:iconjellycatwarrior:JellyCatWarrior 1 0
WhyfTale | Chapter Nine | Carver
Chapter Nine: Carver
         I kind of liked the company in my dark forest. Having Nightmare as a companion was nice, even though he got lost in the woods sometimes. He got hungry, though, and I had to take him out of the Sanctuary to get food. I woke up in the middle of the night, and Nightmare was gone. I called out in a hushed voice. "Nightmare...?" No response. I slipped out of my den and looked around. The grass had been gently pushed down is some areas. I decided to follow the trampled grass, healing it as I went. I was led out of the forest, towards the mountains.
         When the ground started getting rocky, it kept getting harder and harder to track him, S I started tracking him by scent. I was led to a cave. Why had he come here? I padded inside. "Nightmare?" I kept walking down the narrow corridor, until I came to an opening. It was the Life Tree's cave, a tree speckled with golden and black apples that Colorado cared for.
:iconjellycatwarrior:JellyCatWarrior 1 0
WhyfTale | Chapter Eight | Shadow
Chapter Eight: Shadow
         I was frozen in place. Geno was crouched by another skeleton, seemingly struggling to stay awake. I had breathed in so much of that gas. What did it do? I didn't really want to find out. Suddenly, I was moving without telling my body to. I tried to back up, but it seemed like I wasn't in control anymore. It turns out bones are very delicate. I swung my tail at one of their skulls and it just cracked so easily. I tried to stop.
         They were somehow bleeding, despite being a skeleton. I looked over at another skeleton, and got ready to swing my claws at him. I tried to build up some magic from my SOUL, but it only made my claws spark a bit. I was aiming for Ink. He snapped his fingers, and I was wondering how that helped him, until another skeleton just materialized in front of me. He seemed to have no idea what was going on until I struck him dead. I knocked him over and he turned to dust in midair. M
:iconjellycatwarrior:JellyCatWarrior 0 0
WhyfTale | Chapter Seven | Wing
Chapter Seven: Wing
         I opened an eye. Where was I? I saw a gray paw in front of me. Shadow? No. It didn't smell like her. Those skeletons had taken her. I had to get up... my shoulder hurt. I tried opening my wing, but I couldn't feel it. I gently lifted my head up and looked over my shoulder, and screeched. My wing was gone. I scrambled to get up, but I was so tired, I just collapsed again.
         I looked up at my surroundings. A razortail that resembled Shadow was looking down at me, and there were more skeletons. I felt a sudden burst of energy, and the gray razortail dipped her head to me. I stood up, and faced the skeletons. I turned to the gray razortail. "Where am I? Who are you?"
         She looked at me. "You are in the Sanctuary," she said, "and I am Colorado. Guardian of the Elements." Colorado turned back to the skeletons. "I may accept your offer," she said warily, "but what's in it for
:iconjellycatwarrior:JellyCatWarrior 0 0
WhyfTale | Chapter Six | Shadow
Chapter six: Shadow
         I wandered the corridors of this strange place. I couldn't seem to find and exit, but I found many other things. There were countless Razortails locked up, but when I tried to talk to them, they just growled or barked at me, like they'd gone insane. Many of them looked like me, but with slightly different fur or eye color.
         I was rounding a corner when I heard a *fwoosh* and a *bang*. A bone attack had just been fired at me, and I spun around. A skeleton with a red scarf and a half melted skull was running towards me, firing attacks. I did the only thing Wing had ever taught me in combat: bush out my tail, and charge strait ahead. I held my tail high, and when the skeleton realized I wasn't stopping, he turned and fled. One of the bone attacks had grazed my flank, but it didn't hurt much. I was gaining on him, ready to bash in his skull with my tail.
         He ran into a la
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WhyfTale | Chapter Five | Pari
         I came bounding up to the newcomers. Maybe they were new friends! I skidded to a halt beside Colorado and pounded my bushed out tail on the ground excitedly. "Hello!" I blurted out.
         Colorado put her tail on my shoulder. "Where is Clay?" She asked.
         "He's busy. He told me to tell him what was going on when I got back.
         Colorado dipped her head in understanding, then turned back to the newcomers. She stood up, and bushed out her tail threateningly. Apparently these were not friends. I stood and hissed at them. I heard the almost silent sound of Drake closing in. Colorado looked up and nodded slightly. I glanced up too. He had started a dive, or what he calls a 'bombing'. I turned back to the newcomers. They were all skeletons, most likely from AUs. I took a small step back and bumped into something furry. I looked behind me and there he was, the birdcat we
:iconjellycatwarrior:JellyCatWarrior 0 0
WhyfTale | Chapter Four | Shadow
         I felt my body slamming into a wall. Why were they doing this to me? I had no idea what was going on, and I just wanted to go home. I had been shoved through a portal, questioned, and beaten when I attempted to escape, all in one day. I came to learn a few of the names of the skeletons here; Ink was the leader, I think, Abyss was the one with these strange chains and the fluff wings, Geno was the emotionally unstable one, and Epic tried talking to me too much.
         I was just falling asleep when I heard a familiar voice. "Wassup bruh?"
         I groaned. "Why do you have to keep bothering me?"
         He just shrugged. "Don't got much else to do, bruh."
         I hissed and bushed out my tail. "Will you stop saying that?"
         He chuckled. "Saying what, bruh?"
         I ran over to the walls o
:iconjellycatwarrior:JellyCatWarrior 0 0
WhyfTale | Chapter Three | Drake
         The other birdcat was unconscious. I pondered whether to bring him back to the Sanctuary or not. He was important, but was it worth risking his sanity? ...Yes. I grabbed his scruff in my jaws and hauled him into the portal.
         I am Drake, Guardian of the Creatures. No, not one of those stupid 'AU Guardians'. They're fakers. They just have stronger magic, they don't keep anything in balance. Me and the other guardians balance Hate and Love.
         "Colorado!" I yowled. A black and gray wolfcat emerged from the lush grass. "Yes- oh. He is here." She slowly laid down beside the small birdcat, Wing. "Go. Let me heal him in peace." I nodded and trotted off.
         The Sanctuary is a peaceful place. It is an oasis, a paradise. A utopia. Us guardians have our own sections, based off of our role. I live in a forest, patched with sunlight. Carver, Guardian of the Forests, lives
:iconjellycatwarrior:JellyCatWarrior 1 0
WhyfTale | Chapter Two | Shadow
Copyright to right owners (which means probably not you. I said PROBABLY)
          I think the outsider saw me first. When I turned into an alley, they turned too. They slid their hand into a little pocket, and pulled out some scraps. At least, I thought they were scraps. They smelled funny. But, scraps were scraps. I got down low and slunk towards them. I sniffed at the scraps in their bony hand, and nibbled it a bit. Suddenly, a bone crashed down beside me. Startled, I jumped back and prepared to run. But the skeleton outsider was one step ahead of me. They blocked my path, and another skeleton appeared behind me. "What the heck?!" I shouted. I looked around for an exit, and bushed out my tail. Whenever one of the skeletons advanced on me, I swung my tail at them and hissed. It seemed to frighten them, so I kept doing it. "WING!" I screeched. I was tired of this. Wing would get me out of this.
         I was facing the first skeleton
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WhyfTale | Chapter One | Wing
Copyright to right owners (which means probably not you. I said PROBABLY
         I was running. Sprinting, to escape certain death. I felt crispy blood crumble off my fur onto the chilling snow-covered earth. My paws were cracked, my lungs ached, my family was dead. I turned a corner, and slammed into a wall. It was a dead end. There was no more room to run. I was going to die. Suddenly the earth crumbled away under me, and I was falling.
         I jerked awake, my heart racing. My tail was stuck into a wooden fence. I carefully pulled it out. There was a few strands of fur still stuck there, so I gently pulled them out and buried them in snow.
         I am Wing, a birdcat living in possibly the most dangerous environment ever. I am the caretaker of a wolfcat named Shadow, who is twice my size. We are both Razortails, and we must avoid being seen by outsiders, also known as
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WhyfTale 'Carver' Ref by JellyCatWarrior WhyfTale 'Carver' Ref :iconjellycatwarrior:JellyCatWarrior 0 0 WhyfTale 'Shadow' Ref by JellyCatWarrior WhyfTale 'Shadow' Ref :iconjellycatwarrior:JellyCatWarrior 0 0 WhyfTale  'Wing' Ref by JellyCatWarrior WhyfTale 'Wing' Ref :iconjellycatwarrior:JellyCatWarrior 1 0 ((SPOILERS FOR THE STORY)) Zephyr Ref by JellyCatWarrior ((SPOILERS FOR THE STORY)) Zephyr Ref :iconjellycatwarrior:JellyCatWarrior 0 8


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Hi everyone, I'm having a problem financially, and need funds.
Long story short, my car's battery died earlier today, and I already didn't have much money to begin with. I had to buy a new battery, which took a large chunk of what I had in my bank. I barely have enough money for gas to get to school or work, and my parents refuse to help me. So, I need a bit of help. If you have Paypal, and would like to donate an amount between $0.50-$2, note me for my Paypal email. If you don't have Paypal but have points, then use the commission widget on my page.
For $1 donations, you get a sketch, and for $2 donations, you get a colored sketch and commission priority if you order one.
If you can't donate, please, please, please share this journal. Thank you.
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Using HTML on deviantART


Hello and welcome to my little html tutorial. I've been working with html codes for a couple of years and I'm going to teach you what I know about using some basic html on deviantART. This won't make you a html expert or something and I'm not an expert myself but it will give just enough knowledge to make your journals, comments, news articles and other neat and lovely looking. :)
deviantART actually has FAQs about html but I still wanted to do this because they look a bit unorganized, in my opinion. Also, why would you want to look for those FAQs when you can just open this news article where you have everything in one place? :dummy:
You may already know some of these, but I hope you'll find at least something helpful in this news article.

Some basic html

:bulletorange:Bold text: <b>insert text here</b>
:pointr: Result: Example text
:pointr:This html code will work in: journal entries, group blogs, comments, artist's commen
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Rules and Character Creation
Respect all members and Staff
 Respect everyone's ideas, characters, and membership here. This should be natural.
Note the group about concerns
It is easier to just note the group. Noting a staff directly would not bring it to the attention to the staff as a whole. If the concern or issue is about another member, then it is best to note the group.
Characters must be approved
You can not get pebbles or even recognition from a character that hasn't been approved. Current Members must note the group or receive approval as well!
Activity Checks
Will be done every month. You must meet a certain amount of pebbles to stay in the group, or you will be kicked! Please look to Pebble Bank for more information. 
Note: It is extremely easy to meet this requirement but if you are only going to just meet the 30 pebble minimum, every month, then pleas
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400 point contest! Closed
Winners will be noted within the day, still placing entries. Thank you all for entering!
1st place gets 200 points and a drawing of their choice!
2nd place gets 100 points and a full body w/ detail!
3rd place gets 75 points and a headshot w/ a background!
4th place gets 25 points and a basic headshot!
 Pumpkin  :iconpumpkindivider1::iconpumpkindivider2::iconpumpkindivider3::iconpumpkindivider1::iconpumpkindivider
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Invincible Undertale Project (CLOSED)
Hyia! I came back with new cool (I guess x'D) idea for project, since I deleted my Chara project. SansLA 
This time: INVINCIBLE UNDERTALE! Undertale Underfell Underswap Dusttale 
~What does that mean?!~
I thought about exhibit how amazing Undertale is with using our AU characters, presenting them as powerful, majestic beings! Alternate Universe Sans' Show how awesome Undertale and its AU's are! Also, I think it'll be perfect to celebrate 2 years of Undertale Sans Chat Icon 
~Huh? I have a feeling you selected special song for that~ it go down in teh dm 
Of course! Nothing more amazing but:
 :bademoticon:  I think it'll took more than I think so it'll be released after 2 Undertale's bday, buut still worth it!
~I gue
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Have your Warrior Cats OC featuerd in my comic!

I am starting a Warrior Cats Comic, and instead of having a million references for background cats, i thought it would be fun to include other people's characters!
If you would like your character to be included, please comment under the correct thread, i have created links to comments based on clan or lack there of so that it is easier for me to find cats that i need.
I am only accepting Warriors, Apprentices, Queens, Kits, and Elders. That means no leaders, Deputies, or Medicine cats ( and their apprentices). Starclan and Darkforest cats are the only exception to this rule.
A few things to keep in mind:
- By commenting on the thread, you are allowing me to use your character. Of course, i will not claim them as my own, and you will be notified of their use and credited in the description
- Please keep in mind, these are filler characters, which means they may or may not be reoccurring, and may be killed off or injured.
- History will
:iconteachmetolearn:TeachMeToLearn 4 56
Hello everyone! I'm excited to say that I finally reached 50+ followers! I know that doesn't sound like a lot, but to me it is. 50+ human beings (hopefully human) took the time out of their day to click the Follow button and maybe look at my unprofessional art! So Thank You. You guys gave me the DETERMINATION and PERSEVERANCE to continue learning and drawing art for you guys to enjoy. Now, I have the probably typical gift of a contest as well as an exciting announcement!
Contest Ends November 30
So my Broken is feeling a little lonely, and I ask of you to draw him with or without another Sans for this contest.
1. You have to share this journal to enter
2. You have to be following me to enter
3. Comment down below that your joining
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Undertale-AUs-United - Icon by Jeyawue Undertale-AUs-United - Icon :iconjeyawue:Jeyawue 109 8
I wish to say something really quick
Please read all of it. I'd appreciate it.
 When I was younger I was bullied Harshly. I had a mental breakdown at age eight because of it. I was the kid in the back of the class doodling warrior cats. The kid who knew all the answers to the questions. I was the kid Everyone hated. My only real friends were 4-5 years older than me, and the rest of them stabbed me in the back as quickly as they could.
Most of all I was the new girl. I moved a total of 13 times before I turned 12 and I learned a few lessons from this.
It doesn't matter what they think. It doesn't matter what they tell you. You can ignore them, you can forget they exist. Most of all, you can Help them. The ones that take their anger out on you are hurting more than you know. They take it out on you, because its all they know to do.
I HATED school. I dreaded having to face the triplets from hell, or the theif who stole everything I had, or the backstabbers. That was until middle sch
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REFUSETale [Ch1-U] Page 7 by NatsuneNuko REFUSETale [Ch1-U] Page 7 :iconnatsunenuko:NatsuneNuko 151 47


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Chapter Twelve: Shadow

         I was wrong. Shattered was bad the whole time. But then, did that mean the guardians are lying about the other skeletons? Could they be...good? No. I dismissed the thought immediately. Instead, I focused back on Shattered. Fighting had broke out, and now he was headed straight for me. I tried to scramble up the tree, but I was too slow. Shattered pulled me down as I pulled on the leaves and apples to try and escape. He held me by the tail, the force of his grip keeping me from bushing it. He flung me to the ground, knocking the air out of me. I lay there stunned.
         Shattered used blue magic to grab Wing and bring him over to me. "I know your power, Shadow. I can help you find it."
         I stood up and growled. "I don't have any powers. Put him down. I'll kill you."
         He smiled. "How are you planning to kill me?" I shuffled my paws. Then he held a sharp tentacle up to Wing's throat. "I'll say it again. Let me help you."
         Wing looked at me, his eyes wide. "Don't, Shadow. I'll be fine."
         Shattered poked a tiny hole in Wing's threat and it bled a bit. "He's lying, Shadow. I'll kill him."
         Then I passed out. I don't know why. I thought I woke up, but I was in a strange place. It was a blank space. There was a book not far from me. I went over to it, and read the cover. 'AUs'. I decided to open it. I flipped to a table of contents that seemed endless. Then I had an idea. I flipped to the 'S' section, and tried to find Shattered's page. When I flipped to it, I searched the page for possible weaknesses. All I saw was a golden apple marking on a few other skeletons, and a picture of Shattered and his weapons. Then the book disappeared.
         "No! Come back!" I yelled. It didn't help. Suddenly, I was in front of Nightmare and a skeleton in blue and gold. The skeleton in blue and gold was holding a black apple, like the ones on the tree. He ate it, and I had to turn away, it was so sickening to watch what happened. I turned back a few minutes later and the skeleton in blue and gold wasn't there, but Shattered was. I understood a bit.
         Then I woke up. I scrambled to my feet. Nothing had changed. I decided Shattered needed to go. I got low to the ground and circled him, growling. When I was about to tackle him, a sharp cry echoed through the air. I turned to see Pari bent over Clay, who was lying very still. He was dead.
         As I was turning back to Shattered I almost got hit with a butcher knife. Shattered turned and yelled at another skeleton for almost killing me. I realized he wanted me alive. I had another idea. I knew it was going to hurt, but it was better than letting Shattered 'help' me.
         I held my flattened tail against my neck, and barked at Shattered. It was a messy bark, since I'm not all canine, but it was still a bark. He turned his gaze from the other skeleton and saw me threatening possible suicide.
         He laughed. "You wouldn't do it."
         "Well," I said, "let's consider my options. Let you 'help' me, or die. Help me, or die. Help me..." I paused for a very long time. "Die." I bushed out my tail and watched as drips of blood fell to the floor.
         He snorted. "It's gonna take you a while to die with that puny tail." I pulled my tail out of my neck and bushed it is hard that my killing fur popped up. Killing fur is a last resort for razortails. Either to kill their opponent, or just...get out of a situation. They're painless, but effective.
         I slowly raised my tail to my neck again and carefully pushed it into my neck. I was screaming at myself to stop, but I knew that if he yelled at someone on his side so harshly for almost cutting just my ear off, he didn't want me to die. He took slow steps towards me, keeping tight hold of Wing. With each step, I pushed my tail in farther.
         "P-put him down," I said, "and I might reconsider." I gagged on the blood that was coming up my throat. Shattered flung Wing into the air, then caught him again. He slammed Wing onto the stone floor and Wing hissed in pain. I pulled my tail out of my neck and ran to tackle Shattered.
         Surprisingly, my neck wound had already closed up. I wrapped my tail around Shattered's torso as I leaped on him. "Put him down. Now." I could tell he was scared. I had the advantage. I bushed and flattened my tail quickly, then leaped over him to grab Wing. "Sorry about this," I said when I got to Wing. He looked puzzled, and then I bashed his head and Shattered's heads together, and they both passed out.

WhyfTale | Chapter Twelve | Shadow
Warning: Contains suicide threats from Characters.


I have not posted any chapters of WhyfTale recently because I'm too busy crying about this teacher who for a while had a sub and now he's not coming back. And everyone hates him and I'm the only one who didn't, so now everyone hates me. Anyways, I'm gonna post something soon.
So at my school we have this spinner thing on a playground no one but me uses (I refused to grow up, and these things have been banned in many places because kids have died on them...) and this bitch kid came over to me today with a bunch of other kids and started spinning this thing (with me on it) at like a million miles per hour. I was scared I was going to fall off, is I was screaming at him to stop. Take note: other kids were standing there, laughing at this. Also take note: I had taken a one mile run fitness test today and threw up twice from pushing myself too hard, and I lost my voice, and I was spinning in circles, so no one heard my screams. When he did stop and I tried to get off, he spun me again. NO ONE TRIED TO STOP THIS! Eventually I got the rhythm at which he was spinning the thing, so I grabbed his hand while it was spinning. He fell in the snow and that was pretty funny but that's not important. He stopped it long enough for me to slap him with my glove. Teacher comes over, shooes these kids away, and tells me not to hit people. Moral of the story: stand up for kids who are being bullied. Another moral of the story: fuck you angelo
I just sent a picture of me doing math homework to my friend from Missouri, because she asked how I was doing, and she said my valentine is lucky. I could swear she's flirting with me but we're tOo YoUnG... and we aren't lesbian...
  • Listening to: People insulting me
  • Reading: New books
  • Watching: Cat videos.
  • Playing: Life (aren't we all?)
  • Eating: Something I shouldn't eat (plastic)
  • Drinking: Air
So, some of you (those who go to my school) may know I've encountered a HOUSE DILEMMA! (yay! jk.) so I got back from vacation in arizona (I learned how bad cacti hurt being in your foot) and my pipes had burst, and radiators exploded... so now my house must be gutted... anyways, just an update, I've moved in to a rental house that is miraculously one street over from my actual house, and my dog has begun barking at the local wild canines.
  • Listening to: People insulting me
  • Reading: New books
  • Watching: People being different
  • Playing: Life (aren't we all?)
  • Eating: Something I shouldn't eat (plastic)
  • Drinking: Air
I just sent a picture of me doing math homework to my friend from Missouri, because she asked how I was doing, and she said my valentine is lucky. I could swear she's flirting with me but we're tOo YoUnG... and we aren't lesbian...
  • Listening to: People insulting me
  • Reading: New books
  • Watching: Cat videos.
  • Playing: Life (aren't we all?)
  • Eating: Something I shouldn't eat (plastic)
  • Drinking: Air


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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
'Sup! I'm Jello (not real name, just for online safety), and I'm from Missouri but am currently living in Minnesota. It's chilly here! Anyways, I do my art with pencil and paper since I have no digital art supplies. I enjoy watching Underverse, an Undertale animated series by JakeiArtwork. I am writing a literature to brainstorm ideas for an animation series I want to do once I get the tools and software. I am also working on a secret project currently, so stay tuned to find out what it is!


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20 / 4,020
EVERYONE! I have started this donation pool a while back, but now it has become a donation pool to save up for a CORE Membership, and to create a roleplay group like none other!


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    Donated Aug 19, 2017, 10:04:04 AM


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Thanks for the watch ! :D
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